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Electronic, Electric, Smokeless, and E-Cigarette Maintenance

PrimeVapor acknowledges that you may receive a defective cartridge from time to time. We take these defections very seriously and we are working with our manufacturers on correcting the issues. In the meantime, if you receive a cartridge that you feel is unsatisfactory, you may request replacement cartridges by citing the flavor, strength, and number of cartridges needed when you place your next order. There is a Special Comments/Instructions box located at the bottom of the checkout process. This is where you will need to make your replacement request.

  • Electronic Cigarette Batteries must be cleaned periodically. The more they are used, the more often they will need to be cleaned. For cleaning instructions, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

  • E-Cigarette Batteries will not last forever. We rate our batteries to last at least 3 months and more if they are well-cared for.

  • If you get a cartridge that seems clogged or won't fire, go over the following steps:

  • The E-Cigarette Battery's LED fires but I get no vapor production. What now?

    This is most often due to the e-cigarette's flavor cartridge failing to make a proper connection with the e-cigarette battery's terminal. Follow these steps:

    Next, locate the bottom of the e-cigarette cartridge. There is a centerpiece that is circular and it has an air-intake hole at its center.
    electrictronic, electric, electronic, smokeless, vapor cigarette

    electrictronic, electric, electronic, smokeless, vapor cigarette

    electrictronic, electric, electronic, smokeless, vapor cigarette


    The E-Cigarette seems clogged or hard to draw air through. What can I do to fix this?

    This is due to the air-flow chamber collasping inside the cartridge ususally after filling. You can open this chamber and the cartridge should function normally. Follow these steps:

  • Insert the rigid object into the center of the cartridge through the bottom. This is the metal end of the cartridge.

  • Slowly push and rotate the object through the center of the cartridge. Once inserted, it may prove useful to push the object side to side to help stretch out the air-flow chamber. This will help the chamber retain its intended shape.

  • Push the object slowly to the top of the cartridge. Look through the bottom of the cartridge and check for light entering through the otherside. If you cannot see light, repeat the process until you can.
  • **Be careful of the e-liquid that may stick to the rigid object you use. E-liquid is highly transdermal. Latex gloves are recommended during this procedure to ensure health and saftey.

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    electronic, electric, electrictronic, smokeless cigarette
    Electronic, smokeless, electric, electrictronic cigarette
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